Church/Ministry Consulting

Restructuring Workshop

Is your church/ministry ready to make the next, healthy, growth transition in values, theology, or practice? Rick and Melissa are highly acquainted and deftly experienced with these delicate transitions. They will come to your location for a two-day workshop, guiding your church/ministry through the adjustment of mission, vision, and values. They will equip the leaders with strategies for making necessary changes without destroying the church/ministry. At the end of the workshop, the leadership will be empowered for the successful growth and transition of their church/ministry.

Department Development

Rick and/or Melissa will meet with the department head of any area of ministry. The goals will be to help them structure their department, develop a comprehensive training program, learn how to handle difficult conversations, and create a positive communication culture. Included in this training are topics like: building a team, healthy expectations for leaders and volunteers, assertive communication, ways to measure growth, feedback mechanisms, and other helpful tools. Examples of ministry departments that could benefit from this development are: worship, children's ministry, youth ministry, small groups, missions, etc.

Why Help Churches & Ministries?

Rick & Melissa Wood have been in ministry collectively for over 40 years. Serving as leaders in worship, children's ministry, youth ministry, pastoring, nonprofit organizations, and para-church ministries, they know the unique joys and difficulties of life in ministry. Churches/ministries can benefit from guidance, emotional support, mentorship, and strategies specific to these organizations. Your church/ministry has the opportunity to flourish and grow with one or all of these powerful assets.


"Rick and Melissa have a passion for advancing God's kingdom through empowering local churches to fulfill God's destiny for them.  Don't settle when God has more for your body of Christ through the Wood family!" 

- Paul Rapley, Itinerant Ministry Leader and International Speaker

"It has been our privilege to know Rick and Melissa Wood for the past 10 years and witness the way they have served people. They are dynamic, loving and caring ministers and teachers.  We have experienced their sincere hearts for the Church and the solid Biblical foundation they exemplify."

- Jeffrey & Katy Barsch, Leaders at the Bethel Transformation Center in Redding, California

NOTE: Costs vary depending upon needs and requests, pricing to be determined upon initial consultation.