Eliminating Fear

The Book

In Eliminating Fear: How Removing the Fear of God Leads to Removing Fear in Life,  you will begin to discover that fear was never something God meant for us to live with. You will learn how removing all fear from your relationship with God (including the fear of God) removes fear from your life completely.

Eliminating Fear  will explain key concepts that lead to living free from fear - concepts such as:
• Living by wisdom instead of “healthy fear”
• Understanding the true meaning of “The Fear of God”
• Reconciling your past and future to live in present freedom
• Learning to invest in, risk for, and step into every realm of your destiny

Eliminating Fear Events

Eliminating Fear Conferences are one-day events that incorporate the main elements of the book into a teaching course. Melissa & Rick will equip the listeners with tools for living in freedom from fear, truth about the fear of God, and understandings that dispel the myths of fear. This conference material is part of Melissa & Rick's Eliminating Fear course taught at Global Grace Seminary for the Masters in Biblical Counseling, so rest assured the material presented is sound. Walk away from these events feeling empowered for a life of freedom and courage.

OR bring Melissa & Rick to share a one time, power-packed message on Eliminating Fear. They have spoken at various church services, fundraising events, school functions/graduations, and much more.


"Fear hides in the shadows of our lives.  Rick and Melissa’s uncompromising teaching shines the light of truth and love on these areas, giving their listeners the practical means to overcome their own fear."

- Ted & Larissa Sweeney, Senior Pastors at United Church in Portland, Oregon

“Rick and Melissa are a power couple with a mandate from Heaven to see people eliminate fear.  Their ministry has changed lives in the SF Bay Area!"

- Erick Colomer, Revive Missions Outreach & Evangelism in San Francisco, California

NOTE: Costs vary depending upon needs and requests, pricing to be determined upon initial consultation.