Personal Growth Coaching

Individual Coaching

We all need someone to ask us the hard questions and help us to grow. A coach comes alongside you to do just that. Simply stated, coaches are change experts who help leaders take responsibility and act to maximize their own potential. 

This is usually a one-on-one relationship, but it can be done within a small group of three individuals or leaders. Coaching is available in person or via skype. 

Coaching Training

Rick and Melissa will train others in coaching methodology so they can coach and lead using these highly effective tools. Practically speaking, coaching is how 21st century discipleship is most effective. Coaching Training  is available in person or via skype.

What Is Coaching?

Simply stated, coaches are change experts who help leaders take responsibility and act to maximize their own potential. 

Learning to coach is learning to set up relationships that provide the exact kind of support a leader needs to radically pursue his or her God-given destiny. A coach is a true friend and a close confidant on the path of life, someone who often hears, “I’ve never told this to anyone before, but...” A coach is someone who sees you as made in the image of God, and tells you the truth about who you really are. A coach pushes you to think, to stretch yourself, to take responsibility for your life and get done what you know you need to do. A coach is also someone who will hold you accountable, challenge you to live out your values or occasionally give you a swift kick in the pants when you need it. 

Coaches are many things, but the essence of coaching is believing in people.

Nothing is more empowering, nothing causes us to reach higher and accomplish greater things than having people in our lives who love us for who we are and believe unconditionally in who we can become. That is what Jesus does for us—He sees in us who we were made to be and loves us for who we are. Coaching is a conscious imitation of the way that Christ looks at us and the way that God develops leaders. It’s a relationship centered on helping people discover and fulfill their destiny, which uses goals and action steps to move strategically toward that end. In summary, coaching is Relationship- Based, Goal-Driven and Client-Centered. 


"Rick and Melissa Wood have been key dynamic forces on my journey to grace, hope and joy. They not only led me by example, but continuously poured into my life with their words, time and mentorship. Because of them, I am more confident in my dreams, secure in my identity and passionate about my thriving relationship with God!"

- Sade Champagne, Founder of Sade Champagne Presents & The Sade Champagne Radio Show

"Rick and Melissa Wood loved me when I wasn't able to love myself. Today my capacity to love myself and others is a testimony of their influence on my life."

-Laura Burwick, Program Director for Shasta Blue Sky Wellness Recovery Center & Drug/Alcohol Program Manager at the Transformation Center, Bethel Church in Redding, California

NOTE: Costs vary depending upon needs and requests, pricing to be determined upon initial consultation.